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Angry Birds: Mighty Hoax 4-14 Walkthrough

Angry Birds: Mighty Hoax 4-14 Walkthrough

4 shot, Highest Score: 95310

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  • mick says:

    This may be old hat but I just scored 97670 using three shots. I’m guessing I may be able to crack 98000 but damn it would be cool to get 100,000.

  • mad max says:

    Why every video he has every single hit on every single bord is just perfect. Just down right perfect …. I got threee stars on many but none as pretty and easy as he makes it look.

  • Lori says:

    thank you…. thank you…. thank you… i must have tried about 15 times to beat this level… after 2 trys off this video, 2 starts baby… i’m happy…

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