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Angry Birds Walkthroughs

Angry Birds got you down? Show those little piggies who’s boss. You’ve found the Angry Birds Walkthrough, which includes a video walkthrough for each level, along with the locations of every Golden Egg in the game.

Keep in mind, with all the different versions of the Angry Birds game out there today (iPhone, Android, PC, Mac, Palm, etc) that the levels shown in the videos may not be an exact representation of YOUR version of the game.

If you’re stuck in the game and need a little help, these walkthroughs are what you need:

Poached Eggs Walkthroughs
Mighty Hoax Walkthroughs
Danger Above Walkthroughs
The Big Setup Walkthroughs
Ham ‘Em High Walkthroughs Mine and Dine Walkthroughs
Birdday Party 18-1 to 18-15 Birdday Party 19-1 to 19-15
Bad Piggiesbad-piggies-20 Bad Piggiesbad-piggies-21
  Surf and Turf
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  • Bob says:

    I got 15 golden eggs with stars on my droid. So what’s the prize? Nothing happens when I click on the black bird after the golden eggs except the bird squaks. The bird squaked before I got all 15 golden eggs so that can’t be it.

  • Cindy says:

    The “Walk Through” for Angry Birds: Mighty Hoax…levels 4:6 through 4:10 are incorrect…they are showing the 1:6 through 1:15 Walk Throughs. PLEASE update.

    Happy New Year!

  • Pat says:

    When you go to other walkthroughs all the videos are just from world one.

  • Alfredo says:

    Aloha Big Bird, I have two questions:
    1) What is the benefit to finding the Golden Eggs?
    2) Your introduction mentions wanting “to know how to get 3 stars on every level”. Where do I find this information? I can’t seem to get 3 stars on Level 5-7. Your walkthrough only shows how to make it thru the level with one star. I have 72,460 points and 2 stars but can’t seem to get past that. Your help is greatly appreciated since I’m hopelessly addicted to this game and need to get past this level! lol

    • C0WBOY22 says:

      I have 73,830 and looking for answers too! Let me know what u find please…

      • jss says:

        You have to make the tower collapse to the left using two yellows against the first little stone. The third bird must kill the two pigs remaining on the right

    • The Big Bird says:

      The Golden Eggs are basically bonus levels you get to play…
      Sorry about some of the videos not showing exactly how to get 3 stars (obviously I didn’t create them all). The first couple sets were created by the developer (Rovio) and don’t always show how to get 3 stars. For now, until I can go back and update all the videos, check YouTube. You’ll find a bunch there.

    • Charles says:

      You need at least 82,000 to get 3 stars on that level…took me about an hour nonstop to finally get it. Hope that helps.

  • Jonny says:

    If you also play the level again and beat the previous high score, you will get additional star. Doing this, you can get upto 3 stars on the level.

    • Craftmatic says:

      That’s not always true. The levels have a certain points minimum to get three stars, or require completion in a certain number of birds. Beating the high score does not guarantee an additional star.

  • sroper79 says:

    How do you get Ham em high?

  • Jay says:

    Big Bird….when will the driod get the Ham’em High levels??

  • MammaBird says:

    I am so frustrated trying to get the Wilhelm Tell achievement. I know it has to be simple, but I could use some guidance! Thanks

  • misti says:

    How do you win on the eggs from getting all three stars on the levels?

  • amanda says:

    On the main screen it has the name of the level ie poached eggs and the under the star it has a number out of 135.. there aren’t 135 stars so how do I get my number to 135?

  • bert says:

    ive finished the 4 worlds but i dont have the hang em high world how do i get it. i have a samsung vibrant with t-mobile

  • J. T. Kurtz says:

    I’ve got stars on 14 out of 17 golden eggs. I cant seem to get the ones on the eggs with all of the items that make sounds, all of the birds that make sounds and the one with the single red bird. Any help, please email Thanks!!

    • misti says:

      Did you get a response? Those are the ones I’m having trouble with too.

      • fred says:

        …on the one with the single red bird, light up the pigs(all) then wake up the bird, drag it back and forth till you get the star. …on the one with just the birds, click the birds in this order; blue, red, middle bomb, blue then boomerang bird,
        …on the one with all the stuff; click group of birds, slingshot, any bird, TNT box, any wall, and finally any pig I got thes hints off another site and they worked for me ……….:)

  • Dave says:

    Hi, I am now addicted to your game angry birds. I am very frustrated on the add that pops up on the right hand corner. I tried with no luck, several different ways to get the add to move or delete and I cant. I cant even see the score of the game or some of the buildings on the screen. Please tell me what I can do. ty, Dave

  • Fred says:

    I’m in the same boat as Misti and Dave. Help

  • Ronnie says:

    To get rid of ads you can play with the transmit disabled. I have an “airplane mode” on my droid that does the trick. Thanks for the help here!

  • Lulu says:

    if you’re playing this game on your android phone there is a free app on the android market that gets rid of all adverts, just do a search for “ad-free” or “no ads”

  • SSarah says:

    If you can stand to wait before flinging a bird, the ad goes away after 3 seconds, though it seems like longer for an addict. Though I suppose if we actually paid for the game the ads wouldn’t be there to be aggravating.

  • 925 says:

    The mighty hoax videos don’t seem to show how to get 3 stars, just how to win the levels. Am I blind?

  • kiki says:

    Hey there, ive got most of the golden eggs but im completely baffled as to where this last one is. its the golden egg in, on or by a chest. can anyone help please xx

  • Mario says:

    I can’t get d new update for angry birds on my mytouch 4g

  • T BEAN says:

    Someone earlier wanted to know how to get the “rocket egg”. It’s in 5-19. Up very high over the glass tower, is the EGG! Use yellow birds. Very hard to see even if you CAN pan out. Much luck

  • Susan says:

    How do you get the Ham level –
    and second where are the cheats for the Halloween

  • JB says:

    Just wondering how do you get the golden egg on 1-8 where it says to hit the chest but how when its inside the rock. Please help

  • RED says:

    Has anyone figured out how to get three stars on Mighty Hoax 4-14 I have completed it with one bird left and score of 81120 still only two stars

  • julia says:

    Give me guide how to get ☆ from the golden egg that have all the birds and pigs. I touched everythinh but only sounds that come out of it.. And I didn’t get the ☆ for that egg.. Please someone help me.. ☺☺☺ ◦†нªªªªηк’s◦ ☺☺☺..

  • Bill says:

    Just beat the whole game. All stars in every level and all 22 golden eggs with stars for all the eggs. Is something supposed to happen? Didn’t even get a video or anything

  • Jay says:

    Need more birds. Finished all of them

  • Catsrus says:

    Also, a package of Cadbury creme eggs to go with them!

  • Sram says:

    Why is only world 12 showing up in the Ham Them High Walkthroughs?

  • agibas says:

    Do I have to get 3 stars on all levels to go to the next game? I got frustrated with poached eggs but can’t figure out how to unlock mighty hoax to play it! help!

  • Sandy Bruce says:

    Finished all levels with 3 stars. Have 15 golden eggs. Still working on 2 of them – can’t find them or see them. However, what is really bugging this 61 year young mom is I can’t figure out what to do with the largest golden egg in the middle that has all the pigs and weapons and birds. I’ve tried everything but can’t figure out the puzzle. And the egg just above it with the birds lined up in a row. They sing doe-ray-me but I don’t get it. Help! Thanks.

  • redcoyote says:

    Why no trick or treat. Or am I missing something that is glaringly obvious to others……

  • Andrew says:

    Only level 12 shows on the ham-em-high levels… I need help with 13 and 14!

  • billesq123 says:

    I’ve gotten 3 stars in all levels, all 22 golden eggs, and a feather in every level. I have 4 achievements left. They are points levels in 3 episodes and smash maniac. My question is: how do the top players get 96 quadrillion points? And is there any special award or advantage to getting all the feathers?

  • gloria says:

    I am stuck on 4-14. How do you get through it? I have been working it for two days.

  • Barbara says:

    What do you do with the Golden eggs that sing, are a radio and an accordian?

  • Greg says:

    Where are all the coconuts?

  • howard says:

    help! i’ve been stuck on angry birds chinese on so badly. it’s either 1-20 or 2-20 with five yellow birds (woodpeckers?) for ammo and you’re supposed to get 2 pigs underneath a boatload of stuff. i’ve been stuck for months, please help!

  • itunes says:

    i like the game and i share it to my friends,it reminds me of a game Beat pingu .it has iphone verison.Friends can try to have a little fun.

  • this game is cool and Bloody pingu is also has the latest verison.

  • Ash says:

    i think angry birds rio are little bit easy:p

  • jo says:

    how do u get the feathers

  • Adi says:

    What are These feathers?
    How can i get them?

  • Darlene says:

    Just wondering when Mine and Dine or Rio will be updated. Pignic is awesome but this 1 level per day doesn’t cut it, need more levels to play.

    • The Big Bird says:

      Rovio has never been good with giving out this kind of information. I don’t think they have announced any dates yet.

  • Darlene says:

    I just found the golden egg in Pignic in 1-14. When I finished the game, it said #21. However, when I went in to play it again and paused it, it showed #22. This is the first golden egg I have found in Pignic.

  • Sharon says:

    Ok, at the bottom of No. 1 Poached Eggs there is 0/63 and a feather. How do we get those feathers. I have gotten all three stars and have never seen a feather. Do they mean anything. HELP!

    • DK says:

      To get feathers, you have to clear the level at 100% destruction with the eagle. You have to purchase the eagle separately which is a in app purchase for iPhone users.

      A hint at clearing the levels is to use the birds to clear out as much as you can and then use the eagle.

  • Chronic says:

    Any ideas when we can expect the third mine and dine update to come out for I phone?

  • Barbara says:

    I have 3 gold stars on every level. How do you open the chest in Level 1-8?

    • Joe says:

      if you double tap the chest you get a golden egg unlocked. there is no secret to hitting it with a bird,it really is impossible to shoot at it.

  • Angelia says:

    I Have been thru and beat every level (Angry birds I) and am now working on getting three stars in each level but I cannot figure out where the freaking feathers are. I haven’t seen any features in the whole crazy game. Someone help me, please.

  • Angelia says:

    Also I am confused on the golden egg that has all the birds and pigs and TNT and stuff but there doesn’t seem to be anything to do. When you touch any of the objects they just make their sound. What are you supposed to do to get the star like on the other eggs?

  • wanda says:

    You have to play the angry birds theme, I think. I found a walkthrough on that showed the pattern to follow.

  • Jimilime says:

    I have collected the golden eggs and found each has a challenging level by holding down on the egg to load. I can not find walk throughs for these levels. Any help?

  • fred says:

    I have the OOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooold version of ANGRY BIRDS which doesn’t have Ham ‘em High, and Mine and Dine, how can I get the updated version, so I can get above 16 stars??? Most places I have gone on the web, have broken links or something like that. I am trying to get all stars, playing on PC. ???????????????? :( o_O

  • angrymo says:

    Has anyone gotten 100% feather on Angry Birds Seasons Greedings level 16? I can’t get better than 95%. can anyone help?

  • DPKA says:

    weak birds

  • Rock smasher! says:

    What bird has he golden egg in it mouth and how do I get it??????????? PLEASE PLEASE HELP!!!!

  • kimberly murphy says:

    I paid for this never gotten it what’s up with that=(

  • Anne says:

    I have managed to get star on egg 17, thanks. Now I want to try for feathers but are they available on Android? I’ll also download a Season. Thanks in advance

  • JB says:

    To het the star on the accordion level all you have to do is hold the accordion fully stretched for a couple seconds. Don’t even need to touch the buttons.

  • Dumb Head says:

    Hey whats after the Birthday Party

  • Don says:

    Hi, I have played all levels and have done all at the 3 star level without help. Levels 5-7 and 18-12 were by far the hardest to figure out. I did this before I found the hint site. After finding the hint site I have collected all 27 Golden Eggs and have completed all the Golden Egg level except I have no idea what to do with the Golden egg in the middle of the top 2 rows on page 1. I believe it is eggs 12 and 4. Can you help. Also I don’t know how to compare my scores to other players.

  • sura says:

    I have only these levels ?????

    how get other levels ????
    Ham ‘em high,mine and dine,birthday party etc

  • Anita st. Amand says:

    Why do you not have walk through for angry birds HD ?

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