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Angry Birds Seasons: “Easter Eggs” Walkthrough

Angry Birds Seasons: Easter Eggs Walkthroughs 1-1 to 1-18

number 1 number 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5
Level 6 level 7 Level 8 Level 9 Level 10
Level 11 Level 12 Level 13 Level 14 Level 15


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  • Carol JF says:

    Where’s the walkthrough for the Easter angry birds?

  • Ben S. says:

    As stated below the image
    “Easter levels are coming soon… be patient people!”

  • JOHNF says:

    I have found 4 golden eggs so far onthe Easter edition

    • D says:

      I found 5 but not sure if there’s more. There’s an egg in one of the levels that is hard to get at if you don’t have an iPad. It’s behind the wall and you have to shoot a yellow bird and hit it at the right angle to get it over the wall to roll or land on the egg. It’s visible but hard to get at.

  • Golden egg says:

    Golden egg in Hog n kisses 1-7. Underneath the slingshot base. Drop a bomb to get it.
    Golden egg in easter 1-6, over the hill, right top. You will need to use speedy yellow bird
    I got an egg from Christmas but do not remember.
    Can anybody tell me where can I find golden egg from Halloween theme?

    • K Rybacki says:

      Level 3-2. Zoom out. It’s hidden in the pumpkin above the moon. You’ll need to shoot the boomerang birds backwards.

  • Hobart says:

    Arggggg…. Took me 3 hours to get the golden egg on level 16 of Angry Birds Seasons Easter
    Finally shot the white guy up the side and rolled him over the top

  • K Rybacki says:

    Angry Birds Seasons – Easter. I managed to find 9 golden eggs. Anyone find more?

  • dukecitygurl says:

    I found 8 golden eggs. How many are there supposed to be? Where are they? I have gold fever!

  • Waltbomb says:

    A few of the Golden Eggs are in plain view, others not so much. Here’s a couple I found that weren’t necessarily obvious:

    – 1-7: Bomb the gray blocks behind the slingshot – egg hidden there.

    – 1-8: Explode the box immediately below the slingshot. An egg will appear. The best way to do this is to shoot a red bird nearly vertically downward, having him bounce a time or two off the ledge before falling to the explosives.

    – 1-9: Zoom out all the way, then shoot a bird behind you. It will trigger something that causes a golden egg to appear on the far right side of the stage.

    – 1-10: Zoom out all the way. Use the toucan to break the doughnut. This will send an egg swooping through the sky. Use a yellow bird to hit it. Don’t worry if you miss the first time; it moves back and forth.

  • Waltbomb says:

    Mods: In my last comment, “1-10″ is supposed to read “1-12″ Feel free to edit the comment and delete this one.

  • dukecitygurl says:

    I found 8 golden eggs. How many of them are there?

  • josh says:

    i have 3 stars on levels 1 thru 15 but canit unlock 16-18. why?

  • clinton says:

    i dont have a number 16 to 18

  • clinton says:

    i dont have levels 16 to 18 there isnt even a spot for the it goes 1 to 15 then rite to the eggs

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