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Angry Birds: “Ham ‘Em High” Walkthrough

Angry Birds: Ham ‘Em High – Complete Walkthrough Guide

Keep in mind, with all the different versions of the Angry Birds game out there today (iPhone, Android, PC, Mac, Palm, etc) that the levels shown in the videos may not be an exact representation of YOUR version the game.

Ham em High 12-1 to 12-15
Ham em High 13-1 to 13-15
Ham em High 14-1 to 14-15
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  • Lori says:

    hey where’s is levels 13 through 15??

  • jody says:

    How do I get ham em high? My current angry birds stops at The Big Set Up.

  • MsNetta169 says:

    Anyone know how to complete the Golden Egg with the accordion? I’m assuming it’s like the radio……..
    Thank you!!! :o)

  • carol says:

    At the golden eggs level, I have fifteen eggs complete..when you slide the window over there are two eggs on window two….should there more?

  • jadon says:

    how to get update for ham em high

  • Emily says:

    Where are worlds 13, 14 and 15?!?!?!

  • Ajmal says:

    plz help me with this……….hw do i update Angrybirds (pc) ????
    mine ends with the big setup :(

    • Neni says:

      Did anyone reply to ur comment. I have the same problem

    • syd says:

      on my pc the updates just came automatically. you can contact rovio & ask them why you are not getting the updates properly. you should have another 4 by now; hang em high, mine & dine, birthday party & surf & turf. sorry i could not be of any help, but your best bet is either contacting rovio,(after searching the rovio site for fixes & troubleshooting) or either reinstalling the game to see if that fixes it.

    • djweymouth says:

      youneedto go to your app store and updates and install your updates on all programs because you will get free levels on all apps this way

  • Angelica says:

    Where’s world 14???

  • Neni says:

    Does anyone have the walk through for the 3 Facebook game, I am stuck on the 3rd game.

    • Anti-Bomber says:

      To get 3 stars in the last facebook level:
      Fire the blue bird just over the top of the first stack. explode it so that the bottom ball takes out the cowboy pig in the middle, and the other two hit and knock down the top two tiers of the right side stack. You can complete it without knocking down the top tiers. Fire the chicken toward the bottom of the first stack, exploding it as close to the base as possible so that the chicken then knocks down the rest of the stack, killing all of the pigs. If you don’t get them all, try again. This is a critical point. Fire the yellow bird at the right stack, hitting the angle of the first and second tier. Turbo it in to take out the base and kill all of the remaining pigs. It took me about 25 tries to get it right but I scored 95,250 and 3 stars. Good Luck.

      • Stace says:

        how do you 3 star the first facebook level.

      • ABaholic says:

        Thanks, Anti-Bomber…impressed it only took you 25 times. Think I’m up to 125. Can’t get the first stack down with the chicken. Are you hitting it on the left or the right of the stack? Thanks!

  • Menklin says:

    I need the 3 Facebook games also!Anyone?

  • cedric says:

    how to open the mouth in golden eggs?,how to unlock ham em high

  • harry says:

    to update angry birds…i mean to activate it full version,download angry birds cracked from website..Angry Birds
    Installation Instructions-
    (Disconnet internet,if connected..)
    2)Copy AngryBirds application(i.e the crack)
    3)Paste to your installation folder – Example:C:\Program Files(x86)\Rovio\Angry Birds
    4) Run the game
    5)Click-Active it Full Version
    6)copy serial key-
    7)Paste in the serial key column
    8)click register and wait..and then after registeration ..enjoy the game

  • safreon says:

    Have full scores on all levels up to end of mine and dine and I have 21 eggs sorted. What next – is there more ? If so how and what?

  • Beijinger says:

    Where’s the rest of the levels? I’m stuck on level 13-6 on Ham Em High. Anyone out there willing to help?

  • Julie says:

    How do you play the accordion?

  • Toni Brannen says:

    I have completed Ham em High 13-15 and the screen brings me to a whole other page of locked levels – how do I access them? (normally when you complete one-you are able to play the next one…)

  • Jiffy says:

    Same problem…have 3 stars on all ham em high levels, can’t access the fb leveled, even after liking etc. Later level, I could access the fb levels no prob. Aaaaaargh!!!!

  • Damian says:

    latest update has fixed this problem now

  • Jelly says:

    The facebook Levels have to be unlocked by touching the FB symbol, i was having issues with that as well but one day it just worked. No i have them unlocked but there are no walkthroughs for the 3 levels…i have 3 stars for the first 2 but need 3 for the 3rd level, and not sure about the level…. Any help is greatly appreciated…

  • Stace says:

    anyone know how to get 3 stars on facebook-2

  • Stace says:

    facebook level 2… how to get 3 stars?

    • bryan says:

      facebook -2 sucess for three stars. Using the yellow bird aim to take out the last to pigs with this bird and should both fall. Next using the boomer rang bird go slightly above the tree and send it back towards the bottom of what looks like a horse. If done right should set off the tnt and get the pig below that as well. Then using the white bird drop right in the center destroying the last 2 pigs. the red bird will give you an extra 10000 pts and I was able to get a score of 65390.

      • syd says:

        thank you soooooooooooooo much bryan. that worked perfectly. now i just need 3 stars on fb-1. cant get it to save my soul i’ve got 110,480 but that only gives me 2 stars!!! i dont think i’ll ever get any higher than that. many thanks again for te fb-2 tip.

  • Ulrik says:

    How to get 3 Stars in fb level 3, any ideas?

    • syd says:

      first you fire the blue bird off & split it about halfway in between the slingshot & the 1st tier, high enough to make it to the middleish of the last tier but also knocking the lone middle pig off with the 1st little bird. it will be trial & error, it takes me many tries to do this. you want the outcome of that to have knocked off the single pig in the middle & most of the top ones on the end tier, sometimes you’ll actually get a good shot & get the middle pig & knock the last tier down only leaving the 2 small bottom pigs to be dealt with later. then you fire off the chicken & drop the egg rite past the first tier to knock those all down. then you fire the yellow bird just over the rubble so you can power it under the last tier to get the last 2 little pigs. i got 93960. hope this helps.

  • Angel says:

    how do i get the cromb on ham them high #8 its under the birds and launch pad?

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