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Angry Birds Rio: 11-10 Smugglers Plane Walkthrough

Angry Birds Rio: 11-10 Smugglers Plane Walkthrough
Minimum Score Necessary: 67000

3 shot, Highest Score: 76670

3 shot, Score: 68540

3 shot, Score: 67640

Written by MightyEagle in: Walkthroughs |


  • Jade says:

    Can anyone tell me how I get the golden egg underneath the birds? Pleaseeeeee =)

    • sass says:

      Just keep dropping the bombs right in front of it

    • baz says:

      You have to let one bird drop to the floor close to the golden egg. then drop a bomb on the first bird. it will not explode when it hits the bird but will bounce back to the golden egg

      • ouhawkster says:

        I barely pulled the sling and let the bird role down the angled platform. Right as it was going over the edge I hit it with an egg from the next bird. Worked for me.

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